A small federated NSFW (R18+) Matrix Homeserver


Matrix server address: https://lolispace.moe

Please properly disable your account if you want to leave!

Registration Closed!

(Desktop/Mobile App is recommended)

💗 Rules / ToS

  1. By using lolispace.moe, you agree to the following:
    1. You must be 18+ years old
    2. Don't do anything illegal (e.g. doxxing, child porn, spreading malware).
    3. No spamming or raiding rooms
    4. No Public or Private harassment
    5. No Nazi symbolism, Holocaust denial or promoting National Socialism.
    6. No Gore and extremely graphic violence.

  2. Things to avoid
    • Bridging big IRC / Telegram / Discord rooms
    • Using the service as a feedreader for popular Twitter hashtags
    • Using the service as a file dump (use our file upload which stores up to 16 weeks)

  3. Liability (Legal protection for us)
    • We do not claim ownership of any of the user-generated content hosted by its services.
      We do not knowingly intend or attempt to offend or violate any copyright or intellectual property law.
    • The usage of this website/matrix instance is at your sole risk.
      You take full responsibility for all user-generated content you may post or upload.
    • Any opinions, views, advices, or such are solely your own.
    • This website, its owner and moderator or other entitie take no responsibility for any of the content posted by its users.
    • While we attempt to remove any and all illegal content,
      there is always the possibility that some content may be overlooked or dismissed in error.
      If you find any content that is against the law or is licensed and thus possibly in violation of copyright laws,
      please contact our Staff and we will gladly remove the offending content immediately.

🕵🏼 Privacy

  1. 📡 Server
    • This server is hosted on a SSD Server in the Netherlands with a 1Gbps uplink.
    • No E-Mail required for signup! (I don't know how to set-up an E-Mail Server)
    • 250MB File Upload limit.
      Use our file upload for files larger than 250MB

  2. 👣 Logging
    • IP history is only kept for 1 minute.
      Config: user_ips_max_age: 1m
    • Redactions are respected and cleared from the database within 1 minute.
      Config: redaction_retention_period: 1m
    • The Matrix server only logs critical errors and warnings.
      Config: level: WARNING handlers: [console]

👁️‍🗨️ Anonymity

  1. There is a common misconception that Matrix can be used anonymously.
    The Matrix protocol is not built around the idea of being anonymous - there are alot of things which can be logged to identify a person.
    Here a list of things which can be seen by the server owner:
    • User Name, Devices and Sessions (including IP-Address and client name)
    • Joined Roomlist, Users inside a Room, Creator of a Room
    • Unencrypted uploaded Media
    • Unencrypted Messages in the database
    • Room Names, Descriptions and Icons
    • State Events of a Room (Join / Leave Logs and similar)

    Now the big question is: Can I (as a User) trust you?
    Short Answer: No.
    Long Aswer:
    I would generally advise everyone to always doubt everything and to be cautious.
    If you trust this homeserver and therefore me as an admin is soley your decision.
    I personally didn't trust other homeservers, thats why I created this homeserver.
    If someone doesn't trust lolispace, there is not much I can do about it,
    as there is no way for me to deny the fact about the amount of possible privacy / anonymity invasions.